Islamic Cultural centre of Perth offers Qurban Services online which will make it easy for you to fulfill the obligation of qurban and Aqiqah and get the meat delivered to muslim in need around the world espesially on a auspicious and pleasant occasion of Eidul Adha.

Your Qurban in Trusted Hands

For many people around the word, meat is a very expensive treat. Treat they are very unlikely to eat more then once a year, Qurban.org delivers your Qurban to our needy brothers and sisters in the poorest countries like Bangladesh & Indonesia.

We conduct our service via the following organisations:

UICCA (United Islamic Cultural Centre of Australia)

UICCI (United Islamic Cultural Centre of Indonesia) Salaymaniyyah
UNICEP (United Islamic Cultural Centre of The Philippines)
C.S.H.B (Camlica Student hostel of Bangladesh)
Singapore i-read Quran Centre
UICCM (United Islamic Cultural Centre of Malaysia) Mts Mahaad Tahfiz Sulaymaniyah

Currently we provide qurban and Aqiqah services to 23 different countries (Though we only service to all countries during Eidul Adha):

We offer our services to the following countries everyday though out the year other then Eidul Adha. Bangladesh, Malaysia, IndonesiaPhilippines, and Australia.

Receipt and Certificate will be issued for your qurbani. (Photographic Certificates cannot be guaranteed during Eid al-Adha )

Please feel free to contact us for your qurban / aqiqah needs anytime in the year, or for Islamic classes in our centres. Please call 1300 KURBAN (587 226) or email us at info@iccp.org.au

May Allah (c.c.) accepts your qurban/aqiqah and rewards you, your family, and loved ones.

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