Our article is about Leylat-ul Beraah which we will celebrate tomorrow night tonight. Beraah Night is the night in which the Holy Quran was put down from Levh-i Mahfuz to the sky of the world, people’s life and rizk for one year is reviewed and the night in which Muslims are forgiven. Our Prophet (saw) says in a hadith: “Whoever makes his most at these five nights, his heart will not die in the day which all hearts die. These are Friday, Beraah, kadir, Arefe nights and two Eid Nights”.
There are many merits at this night. The reason for this is because the holy Quran was put down from Levh-i Mahfuz to the sky of the world and because all oracular works’ are tasked at this night. Hz. Allah says in the Quran about this subject: “Ha-mim. By the Lucid Book. We sent it down in a blessed night, for We are ever warning. On that night every affarie of wisdom is made distinct. As a command from Our presence, for We (ever) send (revelations).”

At least salat-ut Tasbeeh should be prayed at this night. And there is a special Salah named “Salat-ul Khayr.” Whoever prays this salah and dies in the following year, he achieves the degree of being a shaheed. In every rekah, ten Ikhlas al Shareef is read after Fatihah. It is prayed two rekahs at a time. It can be also prayed ten rekahs by reading one hundred Ikhlas al Shareef per rekah. Rasulullah (swa) says the following about this salah: “Whoever prays one hundred rekah salah at this night, Allah (swt) sends him one hundred angels. Thirty of those announce him he’d go to Jannah, thirty of those ensures him not going to Jahannam, thirty of those avoids calamities from him, and ten of those avoids ambushes and tricks of Sheytan from him.”

It is advised to fast on the day after Leylat-ul Beraah. Prophet Muhammad (saw) says the following: “Wake up for salah at the fifteenth night of Shaban, meanly Leylat-ul Beraah, and fast in the following day. Allah (cc)’s Rahmah appears in the sky of the world by the time of sunset and Allah (swt) says: Isn’t there anyone wants to be forgiven? Let me forgive him. Isn’t there anyone who wants Rizq. Let me give what he needs.” This invitation continues till the sunrise.

Prophet Muhammed (saw) says: “Absolutely Allah (swt) forgives all the Muslims at this night, except seers, magicians, ehl-i bid’at who nurse grudge to the Muslims, ones drinking alcohol steadily, ones who oppresses their parents and ones who continue fornicating. These can’t benefit from the mercy and forgiveness of this holy night.”